•  A full featured, Integrated Reservations Display,
  • Background colours show ‘seasons’
  • Colour coded booking records show ‘current financial status’.(legend on screen)
  • Easy navigation by selecting date of interest or use navigation buttons forward or back.
  • Double click on an empty Unit and start date to commence creation of a new booking record.
  • Single click on record shows summary window.
  • Double click on selected record shows ‘Choose Action’ window
  • All reservations functions from Add Edit and Cancel Booking – to Check In and Check Out –can be completed easily on this form.
  • Right click and ’Drag and Drop’ bookings from one unit row to another (PUMA Warns if room type has changed).
  • Links provided for all front office functions
  • Print screen displays if required


  • Create New Booking records, Issue Deposit Receipts, Email comprehensive confirmation letters with conditions of occupancy pdfs, Create Guest Tax Invoices and produce Registration folios in a simple flowing process.
  • Edit Existing records easily to change dates, change Unit, add additional Funds, Register receipt reversals, register services or produce Tax invoice documentation.
  • Cancel Bookings and claim Admin/cancellation fees and raise refunds to guests – includes option to email cancelation statements.
  • Refunds of accommodation easily processed at check In.
  • Extensive Housekeeping configuration and reporting – Create Priority for cleaning – Assign Staff – Add comments to each event.
  • Arrivals and Departures reporting.
  • Automated email of ‘Deposit Required’ follow up letters, Guest Tax invoice and Accommodation Statements


  • Create lists of common goods and services you provide
  • Lists can include accounting and service type categories for general accounting processes.
  • Guest Service Charges easily applied from list or entered on the go
  • Tours - select from a predetermined list or apply as you go
  • HIRE DESK also allows bookings to be made for hire items - from tennis courts to SUP’s or Kayaks
  • Apply items for payment into Trust Account or Non Trust records
  • Non Trust Services track payments and general journal reporting for each month
  • Trust and Non Trust (also combined) Guest Tax Invoices available.
  • hyperlink to Ticketmates logon Form (online tour sales)


  • A ‘System Monitor’ display collates today’s Arrivals, Departures, Housekeeping events, 'In House guests', Monies Owed Reports along with Overdue Deposits, Arrears Notices, Inspections Due and a management diary and maintenance schedule,
  • This Form also shows Arrivals, Departures, Housekeeping, Maintenance and Diary events for tomorrow.
  • Reports combining all ‘In house Guests’, today’s Vacancies (shows next arrival) and Arrivals and Departures


  • Room types – an additional filter for number of bedrooms
  • Tariffs – for each room type, Sliding scale or nightly rates, Seasons, Day of week offset and late booking discounts
  • Identify season date ranges and special event periods


  • Create templates to allow selection for specific guest contact
  • Add aditional text to existing templates when required
  • Launch from respective areas throughout the various PUMA forms
  • easily cover everything from organizing housekeeping service events to late arrival contact or welcome messages prior to arrival.



  • Integrated connection to your Resort Website and Online Travel Agents - An optional bi-directional web interface (See pricing page*) links PUMA to Resonline Booking Engine (Costs Apply*)
  • Downloads all booking details as they are created online
  • Automatically monitors inventory on the Web
  • Cancellations in PUMA automatically releases inventory online immediately
  • Booking changes in PUMA immediately uploads recalculated inventory for the period
  • Agent Commissions deducted from Tariff or charged to Unit Owner
  • Configure Agent rates and policies
  • Email Agent Invoices
  • Wholesaler Allocations –reduce availability to allow for pre-sold Units;
  • Stop sell all availability at a preset time each day – to avoid late arrivals


  • Create lease based on chosen payment intervals.
  • Apply and Distribute Payments from a Receipt Issue Form.
  • Process Bond funds to RTA
  • Comprehensive Tenant ledgers.
  • Email Rent payment confirmation letters.
  • Email Receipt copies



  • Configure each Unit using a default structure or change according to agreement details.
  • Every Unit can have a different agreement if required.
  • All Booking deductions –Cleaning, Linen, Commissions are applied at check In and ‘shown on the form’ to allow management to review, confirm or modify as required.
  • Standard monthly deductions Postage, PABX, Advertising, Austar etc can be entered and automatically processed each month
  • Service intervals can be programmed  and modified as required as the check In is processed.
  • Different Service charge values are automatically adjusted with any ‘change of bedrooms’ for the Unit (lockdowns)
  • Owner charges can be processed as recoverable outlays or deducted from income and paid directly to the supplier from the individual Unit Account Ledger.


  • Full Audit compliant Reconciliation Reports – Configure your chosen reports for automated printing at reconciliation.
  • Management Trial Balance of accounts
  • Email Unit Owner Tax Invoices as PDF attachments - you can include a Newsletter and other pdf or jpg image attachments
  • Print to PDF all chosen audit reports ‘electronically’ to ‘monthly file’ folder.
  • Automatically balancing 'Arrears' Owner accounts = allows charges to be ‘disclosed in the month accrued’ but holds processing untill funds are available.
  • Systematic End of month reconciliation with MR industry specialist Accountants and Auditors commenting favorably on PUMA report layouts and on the ease of tracking and logical flow of reports.


  • Easy 'Daily Banking' procedures to confirm your Trust Account is always balanced.
  • Daily Banking Statements and manual deposit slips printed.
  • ABA (Banking) file upload for Unit Owner payments


  • Comprehensive Guest History
  • Create emailed quotes
  • Export Guest lists as .csv files
  • Export Guest email addresses as .csv files


  • Extensive Accommodation sales, Occupancy, Occupancy projections, Statistical, and Marketing reports
  • QLD AFAA Form 6 and other ARAMA and RTA Forms.
  • Guest Service Reporting both in and out of the Trust account Reporting
  • Extensive Unit Owner details reports
  • Annual income summary reports emailed to owners
  • Booking source, Booking origin and average Accom nightly rates and many more reports


  • Create Unit charge selection lists including purchase ‘cost’ and accounting and maintenance ‘categories’
  • Apply Unit Owner Charges (select from your predetermined list) against a Unit Owner or as a distributed group charge.
  • GST Calculations automatically determined via default settings - adjusted as required on screen. 

 CONNECT – Marketing

  • A fully integrated dynamic Email Marketing system.
  • Create Welcome and Thank You letters for automated generation at chosen intervals based on booking dates.
  • Create ‘Programs of Contact’ and configure specific marketing letters to tempt your guests and send at Manager Determined intervals –
  • A ‘Complete’ and seamless system generating individualized marketing content..


  • Call Accounting connectivity via MPI32 and Phone Control Affinity or similar

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