The PUMA Software program started on Queenslands Sunshine Coast in 1998. Changing management trends and legislative modifications within the Management Rights Industry require a constantly evolving development curve for the software. PUMA continues to meet the needs of todays diverse management demands.

During this time we’ve grown accustomed to working with Holiday Resorts and Apartment Complexes of all sizes, providing the PUMA Software program and simultaneously creating a personalised support facility available throughout Australia and New Zealand.

We enjoy working with resort managers to deliver easy to manage solutions to sometimes complex requirements with the focus on integrating additional features for managers whilst minimising the need for any formal training.

The image below is the interactive Booking Form accessed using the  RECEPTION Button top left of the control panel. This form allows creation of new booking records along with editing and monitoring of existing records.

You will see a colour coded booking financial status and various shades of a particular colour depict booking agent records. Links to Control panel functions allow management to have reservations focussed user interface


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